Niurka’s Story

Changing Lives

Before South Beach Boxing, my body & my energy levels were completely different.

I have a lot more energy now & most importantly I have better self-esteem. I feel more beautiful & very confident with everything including my work, my private life, even walking down the street. Whenever someone calls me beautiful now, it feels different because I really feel beautiful. Emotionally I am brighter & happier thanks to South Beach Boxing.


I came to South Beach Boxing because I knew I needed a gym. One day, I was walking by & I saw the South Beach Boxing sign. I thought to myself “Well, I want to do that!” I walked right in & SBB has a particular smell that gave me an adrenaline rush. I came in and met Marvin who was wonderful. After Marvin explained to me everything the gym has to offer I said, “I am in!” I just fell in love with the place, the colors, the people & EVERYTHING else at the gym.






When I first joined, I just wanted to do something that was fun & improve my body. Now having been here for over a year, I want to get better & improve my technique. I am always learning new things, so I get super excited whenever I take a class. I take my fitness as seriously as I take my job. I have met the most wonderful people here & ALL of the trainers are amazing. Every time I talk about the gym, I get extremely passionate about it. This gym is so different from other gyms, people don’t come here to show off. It is a big team here & I love meeting new people here, we are like a Family! I look forward to coming to the gym every day. When I don’t come, I feel bad because I feel like I missed something important.

Changing Lives - Niurka's Story

I would invite anyone to come to the gym. I work in a hotel & I always let everyone know about South Beach Boxing. Whenever someone compliments my body I always tell them, South Beach Boxing. My life is wonderful after coming to South Beach Boxing, it’s changed completely.  I started noticing changes in my body after the 2nd month of coming here. I can finally wear a bathing suit & feel confident. Before, I could only take pictures waist up; now after SBB, I can take full body pictures! I LOVE SOUTH BEACH BOXING!


If you are looking for a gym near you give us a call & we will get you into a FREE class. We are located in Miami Beach & are entering our 20th year of business at the same 715 Washington Ave location. AND soon we will have a location near you – as we’re OFTEN COPIED – NEVER DUPLICATED………….’til NOW!