I have never boxed before. Can I still join?

Yes! Most of our members are people just like you who want to get into shape, get strong & have fun.

Can Women Join the Gym?

Yes! Our boxing classes are almost 50/50 men and women.

Do You Have Weights?

Yes! We have full weight training facilities & cardio machines.

Can I Try A Class?

YES. It’s free for 1st time LOCAL MIAMI BEACH RESIDENTS with proof as an introductory 1st class offer. It includes the gloves rental & must have wraps which we sell for $11 & then it’s yours to keep.

What should I wear? Do I need special gear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in – it’s not a fashion show – everyone who comes is here to workout hard & intensely. MUST BRING A MAT &/OR A TOWEL, yourself & your friends. You will need gloves & wraps. We loan you the gloves for your 1st time & we sell all equipment & everything you would need.

Do I Have To Box Other People?

No, you will not box other people or get hit. You will hit a heavy bag. Everyone gets their own bag.

The classes are all full body workouts that consist of interval, strength & plyometric (explosive movement), intense training exercises. They are all taught by top pro-fighters and pro-fight trainers. All classes are different: You will NEVER TAKE THE SAME CLASS TWICE!

What’s Included With The Membership?

Everything! All classes & full use of the gym!

Boxing & KickBoxing – What’s The Difference?

Kickboxing – you kick the heavy bags. They are both full-body workouts. The reason there are weight classes in fighting is because you learn to put your whole body weight behind everything you do (you punch and/or your kicks). We recommend that you try boxing first.

Do You Offer Amateur Training?

Yes! Simply call us for more information.

What Equipment Do I Need?”

For your fist class, we will loan you gloves, but you purchase the wraps ($10 & yours to keep). Once you join, you will need to purchase your gloves and jump rope which are available at South Beach Boxing.

Will I learn to Box & / or KickBox?

Yes! Not overnight, but we teach techniques gradually through hour long intense classes. You will never be bored. We are the gym you’ll actually always look forward to coming to. You’ll get in the best shape of your life too, while learning self defense by professionals only!

Do You Offer Private Instruction?

YES WE DO! Our instructors have HUGE & extensive pro-fight or pro-fight trainer backgrounds / experience. Call us or email us to book your 1-on-1 private sessions @ 305-672-8262 / info@southbeachboxing.com.

Here our classes are very individualized so you get all you need & could ever ask for in our various classes.

Do Any Pro-Fighters Train At SBB?
Yes! Tons of them do. All of our instructors are professionals. You can also check out our famous visitors in the photo section.

What kind of classes do you offer?

We offer boxing, kickboxing, yoga and muay thai & all fighting/fitness classes. We also offer amateur training, technical and cross training classes. All classes are always different (never the same), but always intense & geared towards gaining strength & getting in the best shape of you life.


What are your age requirements?

We allow anyone over 10 in the classes; although, the classes are comprised of mostly 20-65 year olds (men & women). If you are under 18 years of age you must be accompanied by your legal guardian – at least initially to sign the waiver & to sign you up. We have kids’ boxing classes too – ANTI-BULLYING (ages 7-14) – See our schedule.

What if I have no interest in fighting or boxing?

That’s ok – about 99% of our members have no interest in fighting either. We are for people who are sick and tired of regular gyms & for people who are bored & not seeing the results. We provide you with a full body workout from head to toe. The training of a boxer will get you into the best shape of your life.

What do I need in order to participate in the sparring class?

You need an amateur license. Once your a member of the gym & you’ve been practicing the sport for awhile you can fill out an amateur boxing license & that enables you to fight as an amateur fighter as part of the south beach boxing team & it insures you while fighting. It’s $40 a year and the checks get written out to ” Florida Gold Coast Boxing”. The year is from jan-jan so if you apply in september- then you only have until january & then you have to renew again.you’ll also need 2 passport photos for your passbook for fighting. Once you decide to spar – you’ll also need full protection ( headgear, mouthpiece & groin protector). Sparring must always be with an instructor or supervised by one or approved by management.

I’m interested in losing weight & getting into great shape. Is SBB the right gym for me?

Most definetly! Everyone who trains with us religiously sees dramatic results. The best part is you’re going to have a great time. SBB will become your hobby, so losing weight becomes secondary. You will get into the best shape of your life. At SBB, we will exceed all of your expectations.



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