RULE #1:  Stay Hydrated!

Healthier Lifestyle You have probably heard this many times, AND it is true! Drinking water is SO good for you. Water increases your energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins out of your body, & it even clears your complexion. Why wouldn’t you want to drink water? You should drink 64oz of water a day. DRINK YOUR WATER!

RULE #2: Eat Your Vegetables!

You should be at least eating 3 cups of vegetables per day. Vegetables are rich in many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. You should eat a variety of vegetables  to benefit from a range of nutrients. Also, studies shows that eating more vegetables can help you LIVE longer!

RULE #3:  Eat Before & After Your Workout!

Don’t ever workout on an empty stomach! Think of your body like it is a machine & food is the fuel. Your body needs fuel to work properly before your workout, AND you need to replenish it with fuel after your workout. Before your workout, you should have protein and slow-burning carbohydrate. For example, Oatmeal with protein powder; and then after your work out, wait for about 30 mins & have a snack! Then wait an hour or two for your bigger meal. You should always eat before & after your workout. Your body will thank you for it if you’re consistent.

RULE #4:  Track what you eat!

Having a food journal is amazing! You will get to see exactly what you eat throughout the day. You will see what you are missing from your diet & what can be changed as well. You will learn from your food journal like the what  & when certain foods have an effect on your body. You will have SO much control over what you eat & that is very important for a fit lifestyle.  Nutrition is key to fitness!

RULE #5: Limit refine sugar intake!

It isn’t a secret that refined sugar can add a muffin to that top! That’s why it is so important to limit your intake. Sugar is added to almost everything, so pay attention to that nutrition label. The Daily sugar intake for men is 37.5 grams a day & for women, it is 25 grams a day. So keep that in mind the next time you go to the grocery store.

RULE #6:  Workout For At Least 30 minutes Every day!

Get up & be active! Your body needs to move. Whether it is cardio, yoga, weight training, or stretching do something. If you want to be fit you have to workout. If you don’t know how to get started, go outside and take a walk. at the http:s//  we have plenty of workouts that anyone can do. If you really don’t know what to do join South Beach Boxing! Trust me, we will take care of you!

RULE #7:  Always Change It Up!

Routine is the enemy! which is something we go by here at South Beach Boxing. If you get bored change it up. If you usually go on the treadmill, then take a run outside. You’re bored of your gym, work out at a park or the beach OR come visit us at South Beach Boxing.



If you are looking for a gym near you give us a call & we will get you into a FREE class. We are located in Miami Beach & are entering our 20th year of business at the same 715 Washington Ave location. AND soon we will have a location near you – as we’re OFTEN COPIED – NEVER DUPLICATED………….’til NOW!