Does The Scale Even Matter?

Have you ever been good all week; eating well, exercising, & even sleeping well? You see changes in your body & you can feel a difference, but when you weigh yourself on a scale it tells you, “you GAINED 5 pounds!” Like, WHAT?? That can be very discouraging if you don’t know the reasons why. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves does the scale even matter?  I mean don’t get me wrong, A scale is very helpful sometimes. But should it be a morning ritual to check your weight ALL the time, especially if you want to lose weight? Probably not. … Continue reading >Does The Scale Even Matter?

Changing Lives: Rechani’s Family Story

I was looking for a place for my daughters to learn self-defense & also a place where I can exercise with my girls. I wanted my girls to learn how to defend themselves, because you know GIRL POWER.  Usually gyms do not allow kids, but South Beach Boxing is different. Also, my eldest daughter Jessica, needed a place to lose weight. … Continue reading >Changing Lives: Rechani’s Family Story

Rules for a Healthier Lifestyle / Fit Lifstyle

You have probably heard this many times, AND it is true! Drinking water is SO good for you. Water increases your energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins out of your body, & it even clears your complexion. Why wouldn’t you want to drink water? You should drink 64oz of water a day. DRINK YOUR WATER! … Continue reading >Rules for a Healthier Lifestyle / Fit Lifstyle