Your Own Way


Your Own Way

How to Get Out Of Your Own Way

Aspiring to reach your goals is something that we all hope to achieve, yet we don’t always know how to accomplish them. Sometimes we go as far as mentally limiting ourselves instead of facing the possibility of failure to try to minimize the damage and feelings of loss or rejection. As a consequence of trying to control the outcome of the situation, we aren’t truly living up to our full potential to reach success. By applying your best efforts and being honest with yourself, you can build yourself up to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Overcome the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is mostly an illusion of false evidence appearing real. Our egos, meant to keep us protected, can weave stories of worst-case scenarios that make it seem like it would just be better to not try at all rather than be disappointed with the results. However, these self-limiting beliefs will keep you comfortable and afraid of change. The best thing you can do for yourself is to feel the fear and then do whatever it takes to prove that thought wrong.

Recognize Your Mental Blocks

Recognizing your mental blocks is an incredible first step, as awareness of what we need to work on leads to creating a plan of action and steps to move forward. Finding direction from our breakdowns helps to break through to new perspectives that can help us reach our goals. Everything you do, including small choices and habits, sets up your next step. You get to decide how to react or respond, and you should always make the choice that honors your truth.

Trust Yourself

Build up trust in yourself by following through on your word and valuing what you bring to the table, even if you don’t feel like you’re there yet. Just trying to be 1% better every day will lead you in the right direction and create upwards momentum to keep you motivated. How you choose to show up for yourself will rub off onto other facets of your life and those that surround you. Serve yourself and others by creating moments of impact, using consistency and dedication to honor your best self. What you choose to put out into the world, will come back to you tenfold, so why not give it all you’ve got? It’s your life anyway.

So decide what makes you happy. Push yourself to grow and challenge yourself to be better than who you were yesterday. Not comparing yourself to others or external influences keeps you focused on contributing to your own transformation. Make your goals a “must do” and not just a “to do” sometime in the future. Do what you love and stay in action to push aside any excuses to create the life you want to live. It’s the moments between the notes that create the music, so enjoy the journey and lessons along the way that teach you what you need to know to do better the next time. Get out of your own way, you got this!


About the Author

Jolie Glassman is a mindset coach, mentor, teacher and consultant. Owner/Operator of South Beach Boxing since 1998, Glassman has worked with a number of celebrity clients, including Will Smith, Brett Ratner, Roy Jones Jr., and many professional NFL players and athletes, including LeSean McCoy, Darnell Dockett and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. She has her NLP Master Practitioner License and her Master’s in Behavior Modification. She was awarded the first Woman in Business of the Year award by the city of Miami Beach as well as PFP Trainer of the Year in 2020. She’s the founder of a children’s charity called Jolie’s Kids, where she works with at-risk youth. Glassman is currently writing her book, Life According to The Rules of Boxing, which will be released in 2021. 

 “You Don’t Have to BE a Boxer to Train Like One and To Live Like One.”



Source: Austin Fit Magazine