Changing Lives Rechani’s Family

I was looking for a place for my daughters to learn self-defense & also a place where I can exercise with my girls. I wanted my girls to learn how to defend themselves, because you know GIRL POWER.  Usually gyms do not allow kids, but South Beach Boxing is different. Also, my eldest daughter Jessica, needed a place to lose weight.

It took about 6 months for us to finally come into South Beach Boxing. My girls had extra curricular activities & I wanted to wait until they were finished with them. I didn’t expect coming into South beach boxing, for my 6 year oldRechani’s Family to be embraced. I thought Jade wasn’t going to be able to stick around, but Jolie gave her attention. I expected coming into the gym that they were going to be super strict. No kids allowed after a certain time, like most gyms. I was shocked to see that it is very flexible here. I can come in the morning and bring any of my kids & it is okay. My youngest Jade is allowed to do the adult classes with me. I have been coming into the gym now, for about a year and a half. What we got out of coming to the gym is learning self-defense, technique, boosted self-esteems, & losing weight.

lives changingRomeo who is the trainer that teaches the kids class really became part of the family. He really helps my girls & he is very involved with them. You know the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well South Beach Boxing is our village & they are there for my 3 AMAZING daughters Jade, Jessica, & Jennifer. I love South Beach Boxing. It is extremely welcoming, I am here in the morning when I can & then I come back in the afternoon for my girls. Here at South Beach Boxing they are not judgmental. Anyone who has never tried SBB need to come in and try it out ASAP. If you have kids, bring them. They are very accepting. Also, your kids will lose a lot of energy here.

Our lives as a result of coming here to SBB is awesome, because we are all more confident. We have gotten what we want from SBB & more! It took about 2 months for us start noticing a change.




If you are looking for a gym near you give us a call & we will get you into a FREE class. We are located in Miami Beach & are entering our 20th year of business at the same 715 Washington Ave location. AND soon we will have a location near you – as we’re OFTEN COPIED – NEVER DUPLICATED………….’til NOW!