Have you ever been good all week; eating well, exercising, & even sleeping well? You see changes in your body & you can feel a difference, but when you weigh yourself on a scale it tells you, “you GAINED 5 pounds!” Like, WHAT?? That can be very discouraging if you don’t know the reasons why. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves does the scale even matter?  I mean don’t get me wrong, A scale is very helpful sometimes. But should it be a morning ritual to check your weight ALL the time, especially if you want to lose weight? Probably not.

They are many reasons why your weight can fluctuate. If you already eating clean, & working out; be patient & you well see results. The scale is great for the beginning of your journey, but as a morning ritual, it may be very discouraging. You will see that your weight fluctuates like crazy. It is normal, but try taking a break from weighing yourself because it can add pressure on you & your fitness journey. Also you might be gaining muscle & did you know that muscle weighs more than fat? That alone can cause weight gain, but not the bad kind. Let your clothes tell you the truth. Clothing sizes never lie & if you are closer to your goals then your own jeans will let you know.

Maybe you have been working out for couple of weeks and you see no difference in your weight. This happens very often & what that means is your body composition might be changing (muscle to fat ratio).  That’s why taking photos is the best way to SEE results. A regular scale isn’t going to tell you how much your muscles weighs or how much fat you have. That’s a BIG reason why the scale does not matter. Also, did you know your weight can fluctuate from your hormones; & water retention? Yes ladies, if you are about to be, or you are on that time of the month, you can gain weight from that alone. I know… Don’t freak out, this is normal. But, it is important to know this, so when you see such a change in your weight at least you know why. If you are someone who checks the scale all the time, & you find yourself not seeing results, first, take a break from weighing yourself, concentrate on your goal; and get to it. Once you reach your goal, weigh yourself & you will be shocked to see your results.

Jolie Glassman, Owner of South Beach Boxing had some stuff to say about the scale:

“I always say a scale is a lose, lose situation, because if you get on the scale and you weight a lot you might want to slit your wrist after.” She laughed & continued, “You wanna cry & you are very miserable. If you lose weight you feel like you can go eat ice cream & you end up making excuses for yourself, because you lost weight. It is always better to pick a pair of jeans or that outfit that you want to fit back into, because a scale will never make you happy. Either you will go eat bad because you lost weight or you will sabotage yourself for gaining weight.”

The scale does not matter. What you see & what you do matters. Here at South Beach Boxing we weight our new members and we take their body composition. We also take photos and we measure their waist, hip, arm, & thigh. 6 months later we repeat the process & we are ALWAYS shocked to see the difference & so are our members. It’s an AMAZING feeling to see all the work you put in was ALL worth it. Just relying on the work you put in & not the scale; can make a big difference.

The scale even matter


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