Membership? Have you ever meet someone who pays for the gym & never goes?

Are you that person that pays for the gym & never goes?

Well, sadly you are not the only one.

Gyms like LA fitness & Planet Fitness depend on this.

They purposely charge a low price in the hopes that most of their members never show up.

A gym that depends on their members not showing up. THAT’S CRAZY!!

Imagine how crowded the gym would be if ALL of its members showed up.

So, how can someone expect to reach their goals if their own gym doesn’t want them to show up?

I asked a couple of our members here at South Beach Boxing, “What do you think is the reason people are paying for the gym and not showing up?”. One answer that I got from all of them is people are intimidated by the gym. Gyms are not very welcoming. If you are new to the gym and you see someone who is ripped working out next to you, using heavy weights & doing a lot reps,   that’s intimidating; especially if you don’t know where that person started from.

Everyone starts somewhere & it takes starting & focusing on your own path to get to where you want to be.

But where’s the motivation? How are you, as a member, being served by your gym?

Now, Let me tell you how South Beach Boxing is different.

Have you ever gone to a gym where you’ve been greeted by your first name every single time?

When you fall off of the wagon, has anyone from your gym ever called & tried to get you in & remind you what your goals are?

If you answered no to any of these questions, why are you at that gym!

Join a real gym, with real people, & real results.

Here at South Beach Boxing, we are COMMITTED to the transformation of our members. Whether it be physical or mental transformation. Whatever goals you have, we will do our best to get you where you need to be. We take the time to get to know you & learn your behaviors while giving you the best experience every single time. Once you walk up the stairs to our gym, the first thing you see is Before & After pictures of our REAL members who were transformed after joining our gym. We are a family here & we appreciate the time & work ALL of our members put in, because we know how hard it is to walk up those steps.

So come on in & join a REAL gym where we want you to succeed and show up!





If you are looking for a gym near you give us a call & we will get you into a FREE class. We are located in Miami Beach & are entering our 20th year of business at the same 715 Washington Ave location. AND soon we will have a location near you – as we’re OFTEN COPIED – NEVER DUPLICATED………….’til NOW!