Changing Lives by Striving for the Best Direction

jolie glassman

Changing Lives by Striving for the Best Direction.

Changing Lives by Striving for the Best Direction. Learning to pick ourselves up after mistakes or falters in life is what makes our stories great. Owner and operator of historic South Beach Boxing gym, Jolie Glassman, experienced her fair share of breakdowns to push on and break through any limitations towards achieving her goals.

Acclaimed as the Personal Fitness Professional of the Year in 2020 among other achievements, Glassman is pivoting into personal and professional consulting with her extensive educational background, certifications, and life experience to help guide others to confront self-limiting beliefs by creating spaces for healing and profound transformation.

In every interaction, Glassman commits herself to make an impact in the lives of people who surround her. Dedicated to educating herself continuously, she positively influences the community by being her best self while living fully self-expressed.

Standing for inspiration and fulfillment, she encourages those who walk through her gym doors or are looking for ways to take steps forwards embodying their own power. Helping others create a plan of action and holding them accountable, Glassman listens and guides others to create a framework to build momentum so that they can learn to live the life that they love.

Nearing 30 years ago, Glassman began her journey as a teacher when she was accepted to learn and work with a full scholarship program, For Our Children in Urban Settings (F.O.C.U.S.) at Florida International University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in education while simultaneously accomplishing a masters in behavior modification.

After taking about a year to backpack around the world, Glassman returned to teach “at-risk” students in the inner cities of Dade County. Soon after, she began teaching in lock-down facilities, detention centers, prisons, and other outreach facilities. No matter where she instructed, Glassman has always shared her passion for educating while making a difference in other people’s lives.

All while coaching fitness classes after school, Glassman’s affinity for athletics and fitness from a young age built up that passion to create a community of support and growth. Opening South Beach Boxing in 1998, formerly South Florida Boxing, allowed Glassman to combine all her passions into one business while being fully self-expressed and feeling fulfilled with her mission.

Helping to minimize the health risks of lifestyle diseases that are associated with inactivity, she emphasizes how you don’t have to be a boxer to train like one. The basis of the franchise is rooted in how Glassman can teach teams, that teach teams, that transform lives; in turn, help transform the world.

Glassman’s passion and commitment to transformation extend to youth exercise. In 2010, she launched her charity, an “Anti-Bully/Lean Teens” kid’s fitness program, Jolie’s Kids. For every child that pays, a kid that can’t afford it can audition to get in with a full scholarship. Teens are encouraged to come to the specialized boxing classes as a safe place to express themselves with a supervised outlet.

Jolie Glassman noted, “When children are encouraged to fight in a controlled environment, they choose not to fight on the streets. Boxing and boxing workouts make kids strong, fit, confident, humble, disciplined, focused, and so much more.” She also enjoys working with parents and their teens to strengthen their relationships through life coaching and bonding them through fitness.

Glassman’s experience extends to learning and instructing courses with Landmark Education, an educational program for living an extraordinary life, and participated in several Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses receiving her NLP Master Practitioner’s License with the Association of Integrative Psychology in 2017 and NLP Master Practitioner License from the creator himself, Richard Bandler, in 2018.

Among other certifications and self-development courses she’s taken, Glassman has since maintained her title as a Certified Professional Life Coach and began a life coaching company called Revamp Your Life.

Living by the motto from Jim Rohn, “work harder on yourself than you do on your job and life becomes easier,” Glassman continues to raise the bar by educating, inspiring, and transforming herself as well as the entire team, which truly serves gym members and friends by guiding them to do so in their own lives. Leading with a servant mentality to build rapport, be relatable, and truly deliver results is tied to Glassman’s authentic style as an innovator and creator.

Becoming a life coach and having led several transformational seminars and workshops, Glassman now hopes to expand her reach and influence to guiding others in their lifestyles of improving mindset, physical fitness, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

Glassman brings an infectious energy to all that she does and honors the integrity of her word when working to help others build a fit, confident, strong, powerful, healthy mind and body. If you’re called to learn more about Jolie Glassman and her upcoming programs, or the South Beach Boxing gym, visit their website for more information.


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