Miami is the type of place where you can wear a swimsuit in every season. Fortunately, there’s no sweater weather around these parts, so staying fit and healthy should be a conscious choice in everything you do – especially when it comes to eating out.  We here at South Beach Boxing, put together the top five healthiest places where you can grab a bite after hitting the gym.


#5 Naked Tacos

The restaurant formerly known as  “Ralph Pagano’s Yet-Unamed Mexican Joint” just opened in February.  Famed Chef Pagano decided on the name of his restaurant after running a contest to name Alton Road mexican eatery.  In true South Beach fashion, Naked Tacos has a live DJ pumping chill tunes to hungry South Beach  as they eat their freshly made-to-order tacos in a relaxed, yet trendy ambiance.  Carlos C, a Yelper recently recommended you try   “the lobster guacamole…a must-have…don’t leave without trying it!”.  We won’t forget to mention, they have a killer breakfast and if you want a nice kick, try their Spicy Margaritas. You’ll thank us for this tip.


#4 La Sandwicherie

La Sandwicherie is a South Beach staple on 14th St between Collins and Washington. This open air spot is known for having some of the best sandwiches on South Beach, where the vegetables are fresh and abundant, the fillings are tasty, and the vinaigrette is so delicious that you’d never have sandiches any other way. Like it’s namesake, all the staff are French and they’ll have you going oh-la-la over their fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. It’s open 24 hours making it a great pit-stop for post-party munchies or as an afternoon snack post-gym.

#3 Escopazzo

Escopazzo means “a little crazy” in Italian, but opening an all-organic restaurant back in 1993 might have seemed more than “a little crazy”. This little 13th and Washington gem is definitely not for those healthy eaters on a budget. On the other hand, it’s work the extra dough, especially when Yelpers are raving, “You have not lived until you have had the asparagus flan”. With raw and vegan menus offering selections like raw lasagna made with layers of seasonal veggies and ricotta made out of cashew, topped with pesto, you’ll know that that you’re eating nothing but goodness and healthy food. Just a warning, it’s a classy joint so make sure you freshen up if you’re coming from the gym.

JJ-thumb#2 Juice & Java

If you want a good bang for your buck while still ”feel[ing] strong and invigorated after a meal, not stuffed, nauseated, or bloated,” then Juice & Java is the place for you. Just a few blocks from South Beach Boxing, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of 36 juice combinations. They offer salads, wraps, and bowls with ingredients that are so-so fresh and the portions are always ample. This is the a place you want to check if you’re looking for a quick lunch or a nice smoothy. Try the detox juice after a crazy night out, it’ll get you up and going in no time.


#1 Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe

Ranking #1 comes Alton Road’s little secret, Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe and like Sidney C. states posted, “this place is amaaaaaazing!”. Just check out their Superfood Salad packed with spinach, quinoa, broccoli, tomatoes, edamame, chickpeas, golden raisins, and pumpkin seeds topped with a carrot ginger dressing and all for less than $10! The have 18 different types of Empanadas, which come in varieties like spinach and feta, spicy thai peanut chicken, and eggplant parmigiana. Jocelyn N. raves, “The empanadas are so perfect for $2.50 their bigger than you think plus you get hooked up with so much goodies on the inside with meats and what not.” If you’re into healthy eating and you’re on South Beach, then you Go-Go Fresh Food Cafe is sure to become your favorite go-to spot!