Thanksgiving  workout

(No Excuse – Everyone has 15 min.)


A Thanksgiving workout is great way to feel less guilty for eating your heart out. Here at South Beach Boxing, we truly believe in no excuse and to get your workout in no matter what. So that inspired us to do our THANKSGIVING BURNOUT! It is only 15 minutes and you don’t need any equipment; just a towel. So no more excuses this holiday season and let’s get this done!

Circuit #1

30 second high knee

30 second speed skaters

30 second jump squat

30 second mountain climbers

*30 second break* Repeat 3x’s

Circuit #2

30 second burpee


30 second up and down (hands to elbow)


30 second squat pulses


30 second squat up and downs (on knees / back to squat)

*30 second break* Repeat 3x’s