Wellness Programs are having a great impact on employees. When you offer employees a wellness program, you are telling them that you respect them; that you want to help them be successful in life, & you care about their health. Employees are no longer just numbers but are people who are valuable to you and your company. More companies are now doing more to reverse chronic diseases. When employees care about their health the outcome is amazing. They are more productive; & who wouldn’t want their employees to be more productive? Studies shows that those who work out regularly improve their memories, focus & more. This is something that is a must-have in a workplace.

I went into Lululemon where they give their employees credit cards to go and work out wherever they want, as much as they want. I went and asked one of their managers, Ashley Bland; “Why is it so important for ALL companies to have Wellness Programs?” She replied, “A wellness program is an investment in the workers/employees & their productivity. The more you are able to keep your employees healthy & safe, the more they are able to provide for the company.” She also explained how she constantly sees that working at Lululemon. They give their employees the opportunity to sweat wherever. She said that they are healthier & they have less employees calling in sick and using their sick days. They are also able to check out and see what is in the area & network with different people & companies.

Workplace wellness programs are used to provide you with a healthier staff, lower your medical expenses and help to provide you with a productive workforce. The best thing an employer can do is start offering gym memberships to their employees and require them to use the gym passes at least 2-3 times a week. Studies have found that employees that take care of themselves live longer and don’t become sick as easily as employees that don’t. Healthy employees also present a positive image to the people they work with.

Both employees and employers will be able to benefit from a workforce wellness program. When people are in good health they are able to become more productive in their jobs and they are also happier with their overall health. Having employees that are in good health can make a huge impact on the overall company; and this in and of itself, will aid in boosting the productivity of your company.

According to recent data, every obese person will increase healthcare costs by $120. Think of this in the term of your staff members and look at how much that can increase your company’s healthcare costs. The employees that are taking time off because of the health conditions that arise thanks to their obesity and other issues are costing your company a lot of money. They will not only increase healthcare costs but they will also increase your overall expenses because they end up taking sick leave, and they also end up reducing your overall productivity. Then you need to pay for other costs as well like paying temporary employees. Statistics shows that when employers take the time to implement a workplace wellness program you can reduce your health care costs by up to 26%! This is a huge number to look at if you want to keep your costs lowered and you want to help your employees understand their health and what they can do to find a way to get in shape. When you have a healthy staff you have people that are happy to be at work. People that love their jobs and come to work each day with a positive attitude will create a positive working environment for everyone.


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