Sam & Ramona

Sam & Ramona

Sam & Ramona story:  I moved to South Beach just over a year ago from California and was always into fitness. I used to do high intensity training and would run to stay in shape. When I got here, I knew that I wanted to find somewhere to work out quickly but wanted something different and had noticed South Beach Boxing while walking my dog Ramona.

I was expecting to find a very serious, intense, aggressive style environment full of people sparring and fighting each other, and instead I walked into the complete opposite. I walked into a welcoming supportive network of people who have become my family. Where else can you go to work out and are able to take your dog along with you, nowhere. Ramona even has her own membership!

When it’s time to be serious and intense we are, but always surrounded by a foundation of support and encouragement.

Boxing gives me a physical & emotional high. I even managed to work out through an ankle injury because I felt so much support from my new family and my first home. I spend more time here than I do at my apartment!

The first time tried a class, I found it intense. It was a different kind of workout than what I had been used to and there was so much involved.  You’re learning the technique and the science behind the boxing while trying to put it in to practice. It keeps your brain going because there is so much to think about all at the same time

Since I started boxing, I have noticed that I am overall more grounded and centered in my everyday life. I am more balanced and have a better attention to detail. I feel like I have grown as a person.

Coming here will change your life.