Norsham and Felipe

Before coming to SBB we would do running & go to Equinox, but it felt like a chore. We were not motivated to go & when we were there, we would always split up to do our workouts separately. We were never working out together & here we both do the classes! I, (Norsham), visited the Chamber of Commerce & heard Jolie speak & she said, “If you ask yourself a stupid question – you will get a stupid answer.” So, I decided to stop asking myself if “I was fat” & I came the next day to sign up. I told Jolie I would come back with my husband & he will sign up too.

Now we feel like we’ve changed our bodies. We have a lot more energy & we are more toned! It’s a combination – it’s not just about losing weight. I think it’s more fun & happier! There is so many people here & everyone is so friendly. THIS IS US! Every day off we look forward to coming!

I, (Felipe), feel like our relationship is better after joining because it’s a different outing for us to do. We have our typical restaurants and going out that we would do. This is something we both motivate each other to do. It keeps us healthy & it’s something to do together & we both see results. It’s a win-win situation! We are even talking about it when we’re not here! When she goes to a class by herself, I’m always jealous that I wasn’t there with her.

I, (Norsham), think it’s good because it’s something that brings us closer together! It’s not just about love – it’s something that really helps us bond on another level. South Beach Boxing  encouraged me to change my diet a lot! I’m Malaysian & the food is very heavy. I only have Malaysian food only once a week & now I have a lot of salads & instead of frying food – I bake them.

It is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! There are certain points in class where I, (Felipe), just zone out & I focus on the task at hand & all kinds of stress goes away! You just get into beast mode! The challenges you put yourself through here you can apply to EVERYTHING in life. It is so rewarding when you push yourself past mental barriers!

We thank you very much for this opportunity! We will continue to spread the word.