Before South Beach Boxing, we used to train and workout every day; & we have never been to any gym like this one. This gym is more of a fighting school or a training camp where you can get technical training & always improve.

This gym also is great for therapy, it is a great stress reliever. I, (Oscar), sit down a lot for my job, & it’s great for me to get out of that whole work mode. Just letting it out for a whole hour is just AMAZING. I leave out of here feeling more creative, energized, & my productivity has increased as well.

I, (Ines), was a member back in 2012 & I came for about 6 months. My sister brought me in, and I loved it. I left the gym, then came back with my husband because I wanted to give this to him as a birthday present. We joined right after his first class and we’ve been members ever since.

This became a day to day kind of thing; even when we don’t come, it feels weird. Also, it didn’t take a lot for us to come in & we joined right away. We fell in love with the gym & we knew that the money is worth it! We have been coming here for 8 months now and it’s crazy because we came in on January 2, 2018. This was our New Year’s resolution with each other & we have been coming here non-stop and it feels really great!

We get so much out from coming to SBB. First, we spend quality time together, we get to get in shape, & it is therapy for us. It’s like we come in with frustration, anger, and anxiety; then we leave it ALL at the gym. When we leave here we feel good, happy, and satisfied. When we leave here we feel refreshed and we get more creative. After I, (Oscar), leave the gym, I usually go home & do work. Ever since I have been coming here I get through all my work a lot faster than usual. Boxing has helped me become more creative. Tasks that used to take me about 5 hours to finish, now takes me 45 min to an hour.

I, (Ines), truly love the gym. This gym is just so awesome; it has such a homey feeling. Everyone is so friendly to each other, everyone says “hello” to each other; it’s like everyone is your friend. This is not just a place to work out, it’s way more than that, it’s like a second home.

The community here is great, they are helpful & motivating. That’s the difference between this gym and other ones. We all want to see each other get better and improve, and we ALL push each other.

To those who are not members, this place is made to help people get better and feel better! Not only will you look better, you will genuinely feel better.

To those who have never tried it before, you don’t know what you are missing! You would save so much money on Therapy AND you would be a lot healthier. Just give it a try, it’s free your first time. Once you come here you will be hooked! You will LOVE everything about the gym: The front desk, the owner, the trainers; EVERYTHING! They make the whole experience & they genuinely care about you. After boxing we truly have become a lot more confident than ever. We LOVE SOUTH BEACH BOXING & we are here for LIFE!