Tamisha Guzmán

Tamisha Guzmán

Before SBB I would do the same boring thing every day.  I loved going to the gym & lifting weights & all that stuff but after a while it would get boring & repetitive. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror & something would trigger & I would just get really motivated. I worked out for several weeks but when I wasn’t seeing results – I would give up. It would make it harder for me to go to the gym. I would sporadically have these bouts where I would be like “yes – let’s go work out…it’s going to be great.” Then I would go several weeks where I would not go at all. I had a love/hate relationship with working out because I didn’t love what I was doing.

About two year ago I was told about SBB & came to try a class with a friend. I really loved it, but I thought it was very, very hard. Then after class when I was leaving, I remember feeling so good and thinking, “wow that is something that I could definitely see myself doing for an extended amount of time & not get tired of it.” It was something new & fresh to do for fitness that I could see myself doing. I told myself as soon as I finished school & got my finances straight – I would come in & sign up! Then as soon as I got a full-time job I came & joined.

South Beach Boxing

When I first started doing boxing, I sucked at it. I realized how out of touch with my body I was & out of shape. It was so hard for me to jump rope for more than 20 seconds, but I pushed through it & kept coming. I have gained so much discipline by making the decision to join SBB. It was really easy for me to workout alone & then just quit halfway. When I come here, they really hold you accountable for what you do & how much you put forth. Overtime I found myself getting more disciplined & the work outs started getting easier & I could jump rope longer!

This is something that immensely has worked for me. When I first came here, I was so scared, but I didn’t let that fear get the best of me. I would tell people to just try it! You don’t know what you are missing out on!