Michael Defilippi

Michael Defilippi

Michael Defilippi I used to be somewhat active. I did a lot biking and played basketball, but it wasn’t enough for me. So I got a membership at one of those other regular gyms, But after a few visits, I stopped going. It was boring and I needed a place to inspire me and give me results.

South Beach Boxing was recommended to me. I had taken some martial arts and boxing classes in the past and remembered that they were good workouts.
So I signed up for a class and never looked back.

The staff was so helpful and the trainer showed me the basics. The class began and the music was pumping and the trainer made sure I was getting the attention and direction I needed. I was so impressed that I became a member right away! I felt great instantly and now I found my niche.
It’s been about a year

I learned skills and have gotten leaner and put on some muscle.
The trainers thrive off the work of the members and the staff is very enthusiastic, friendly and polite. Everyone is so nice and helpful. There’s no intimidation, they cut through the stereotypical intimidation of boxing and show everyone that anyone can do it.

I just feel great. I have more energy and always feel pumped up. My body feels great and I love being sore. Yes, I said that. I expected intense exercise and serious results and that’s what I got…I’m stronger, my body is defined and my cardio endurance is way up. And I look better.

I see results happening really quickly especially for those who are out of shape. It’s a great place if you are serious about getting healthy and fit.