Kaja Dymel

Kaja Dymel

Before South Beach Boxing, I was working and partying. I would go to work then go out and party right after. I would always be too tired to wake up early and be able to work out – so I gained like 20 pounds! I used to do sports all the time and be very active, but once you stop, you can feel that there’s something missing!

I needed activity! I always wanted to try out boxing and I had a few friends who were members at SBB. One of my friends who was a member had a free pass and asked me if I wanted to try it out. He gave me the pass and I came right away and I LOVED it! It’s been over a year now! It’s the ENERGY that I love. Everyone is here to help with the results & help you push yourself to work out harder! I love that it’s people of different ages and from all over the world. They all have their own reason for coming and when we all get together- it’s just AWESOME!

When I arrive, I have zero energy and zero motivation – but once I get here and I start taking the class and waking up- I tell myself “I CAN DO IT” & it gives me my energy for the rest of my day! I do not give myself excuses anymore. Even if I come home super late from work, I tell myself, “I gotta go!” Everyday you’re a little proud of yourself because you’re like, “YEAH! I did it again! I got out of bed and came in to work out.” The gym has become my reason for waking up in the morning!

South Beach Boxing

has helped me mentally AND physically. If you don’t do anything with your life except work and go out- you kind of get a little depressed. You tell yourself the day before, “I’m going to wake up and do things and run errands,” but you’re too tired to actually wake up and do something! Mentally I have changed A LOT! You do not get depressed because once you’re up – YOU’RE UP! You start doing things and you start living your life in a different way. It’s a healthy lifestyle and that’s all I wanted! It’s like a family and the fun I have here is even better than any fun I ever had going out!