Erin and Bean

Erin and Bean – member spotlight

Couples that play together – stay together

This is what Erin had to say…. “I had no regular exercise regimen. I did yoga once in awhile. I wanted to workout but I couldn’t find anything that interests me until finding South Beach Boxing. They really mean what they say and promote. You never do take the same class twice and the instructors are all amazing and they teach you and they work with you.

I’ve never experienced quicker results in anything I’ve ever done. I got so lean and so fit it’s amazing. It’s my best and favorite new habit. It’s a total missing if I’m not here at the gym. It’s like I’m missing a limb if I didn’t go. I’ve gotten an insane amount of energy, self confidence and this is a new habit that I’m totally addicted.

AND I want to tell all non-members to join…NOW. You will gain WAY more than you ever thought and expected from coming to South Beach Boxing gym. My whole life is so much better. I feel amazing, I’m down to a single digit size and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been since 20 years old; in just 5 months, and I noticed the difference in as little as my first 2 weeks


This is what Bean had to say….”I’ve been working out my whole life. I’m a dancer. BUT I’ve never had such a dramatic change like I have now. I’ve had temporary changes but never anything like I’ve gotten from South Beach Boxing; and because I love it so much, it’s the most I’ve ever been committed to any exercise / workout.

I’ve taken EVERY SINGLE CLASS that you can take anywhere AND everywhere and in MANY states all over the U.S. AND they are NEVER EVER as amazing as here. I’ve never had the results I’ve gotten here.

I’m so driven to come to class because I love South Beach Boxing so much and the classes are always different, challenging and everyone is so personable. I have lost an inch on every single part of my body and that was only in my first month of coming.

I went shopping the other day and I’m in a size 6 for the 1st time in 12 years; and now that I’m 32 years old, and I started to feel this decline in my body and results, I’m SO happy I found this place. It’s so amazing how much I’ve changed and transformed since coming to South Beach Boxing several months. AND another best thing is it’s mental & it’s a brain workout AND I’m always learning. I could go on and on forever.