Before South Beach Boxing I would always find excuses & reasons not to train. I use to see Jolie at the Miami Beach Chamber meetings talking about the gym & how awesome it was but I never got around to checking it out.

Even though I felt tired & sluggish, it took me 3 years to motivate myself to come in to try a class. The location of the gym was perfect for me and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I expected it to be intense and hard work, but I also thought like everything else, it would get boring. I have done other things to work out like spinning, but eventually they all get boring!

It turns out I was very wrong. No matter what class you take, they are always different. The first two weeks were rough. It’s only been a couple of months, but I see such a difference in my body. I’ve lost weight, my arms have toned up and tightened and I feel so much healthier.

My entire outlook on life has changed. I no longer eat meat and I am very conscious of everything I eat, no more steaks and fatty or sugary foods. It’s been a complete lifestyle change with the intensity of the exercise and the diet. It’s a much healthier road and one that I am happy to travel.

My staff at work have noticed a difference in my mental attitude, they tell me I’m nicer! Things that use to get under my skin no longer bother me.

This place is family orientated which you don’t get in most gyms. You walk up the stairs and everyone knows your name, it’s comfortable and familiar and a great place to work out!