I have always been athletic running, dancing, playing basketball but never thought of boxing. When I moved here I wanted to try something new and wanted to stay indoors, since I was bored being outside and a friend heard great things about South Beach Boxing and boxing for fitness in general. So she suggested I give it a try. I still thank her for the suggestion.

It had been a while since I worked out when I came and tried my first class with Ervin and loved the whole experience. I felt I wasn’t strong enough to do this but they showed me I could. It was and still is an amazing experience all around. Everyone was nice, the music was pumping and the energy was great. I knew I was going to learn something new every day. I signed up right after the class and started coming every day.

I thought I would get stronger and find a balance in my life. I just moved here and needed a second home, somewhere to meet people and feel comfortable. I didn’t see any results with my past workouts and needed to go somewhere and clear my mind and have a discipline/order to my life and see some results.

I’ve been coming for 2 years now and I feel great. I felt and saw results instantly in 2-3 months. I get to escape and have fun for an hour. I feel so great after a class. It’s hard to get motivated but I come here and get therapy and leave all my problems on the heavy bags and get renewed.

I feel the energy of everyone because we all have the same common goal, lose weight get stronger, learn something and feel great. I sleep great. I am aware and quick and can multitask like never before.

I see results all over my body. I was working as a nanny at the time and got strong enough to lift and carry that baby with no problem. And now I’m pregnant myself and continue taking the classes. My baby and I want this☺.