Amy and Quentin

Amy and Quentin

I had a desk job and was feeling out of shape gained 20 lbs in 2 years and i had some serious goals in mind. We did 1 year at a small cardio box place but it was boring and the same routine and stopped going.

We wanted and expected the real technique experience with real fighters at South Beach Boxing and that’s exactly what we got. It’s a serious workout. I’m getting great full body workouts, building endurance and that is empowering me, especially being a woman and learning how to fight i feel i can now defend myself. It keeps me sharp mentally and physically. My body and mind have changed.

It’s been a great experience and i recommend it to everyone. I tell them not to be intimidated. Everyone is nice, from the staff, to the instructors, and the members… no disappointments at all. I feel healthier all around. It’s not just a workout, it’s become a hobby for us. I Sleep a lot better too. It only took a month for my body and mind to start feeling the benefits. You get in here and do an hour and it flies.

By: AMY.

I was ok physically and watched what i was eating and did a day of exercise here and there and overindulging on food and drinks and not disciplined at all. When i came i didn’t feel intimated, everyone was welcoming. I thought i knew what i was doing until i came here. They have sharpened my technique and form and learned discipline with my workouts and indulging in things that aren’t good for me. I know i will pay for it if i don’t take care of my body when i’m away from the gym because as soon as i start the class, i fell it.

Where we were training before, they weren’t’ focused on us, they were focused on their cell phones and weren’t taking us seriously. Here, the whole staffs stays on us all the time and really care about what they do and it rubs off on me because now i care.

There’s no ego here and feel comfortable and soon as you walk in, feeling welcomed. It attracts people with positive attitude. Not intimidating at all.

They push me to my limits. I’ve noticed a lot of weight loss, my core muscles are lighter, especially from taking the Muay Thai classes, and my posture/balance is different. I’m confident and i don’t feel as susceptible and i am more aware of my surroundings at all times.

Because i am in an office it helps me explore different part of my brain. I am eve tapping in to the spirit of my youth and the things i lived and felt and being able to move my body that way again. South Beach Boxing makes me a happy man! QUENTIN.

Its been 3 months and we come together almost every night and it’s great to have the other person be encouraging when one of us is being lazy. It’s usually him… no. It’s usually her. AMY AND QUENTIN.