Changing Lives Erin’s Spotlight


ErinErin Clark

I was not really into fitness before South Beach Boxing, nor was I athletic. I did occasionally do some workouts at home and at different gyms, but I was not motivated. After South Beach Boxing, I am so much more motivated! I even wake up early in the mornings just for the 7am class, which is AMAZING, because I would have never done that before joining South Beach Boxing.

Since becoming a member here, I have become much more motivated, I have been making better decisions for myself and my body. Overall, I am a lot healthier, because of South Beach Boxing. From being a member here, I have noticed that I am more disciplined & I am more committed. Even after a long day at work, I still get my butt in here.

Coming to SBB my body & my spirit has gone through a transformation. People constantly ask me what I do, and where I work out.  I always tell them SOUTH BEACH BOXING. I love this gym mainly because it is a family. When new members come in they are welcomed with open arms just like I was. I LOVE the classes & all the instructors are ALL different & that is the beauty of coming here. It doesn’t matter what class you go to, because they are all so amazing.

I came here because I am friends with a long time member of this gym & her name is Charity. She recommended me to come and I joined. The first thing that caught on to me was the family vibe the gym gave off. I joined the gym right away, because it was so much fun & I knew I wanted to commit to this. I think South Beach Boxing is a great gym & I love the new family I have here. To anyone that has never been here; come in and check it out! I promise you will get hooked right away! THANK YOU SOUTH BEACH BOXING!!


If you are looking for an AMAZING, results-driven gym, give us a call @ (305) 712-6041 & we will get you into a FREE class (1st timers with proof of local ID). We are located in Miami Beach & are entering our 20th year of business at the same 715 Washington Ave location, AND soon we will have a location near you – as we’re OFTEN COPIED – NEVER DUPLICATED………….’til NOW!

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